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  • Versatile 4-in-1 Design: Vary drills, simulate game situations.
  • Adjustable Angle: Practise ground passes and lofted passes.
  • Predictable or Random Rebounds: Improve reactions, adaptability.
  • Stable Weighted Steel Frame: Durability for rigorous training.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Built to last.
  • Multiple Sizes Available: Original (95cm x 24cm).

Introducing the REPLAY Station:

Experience the revolutionary REPLAY Station, the leading football rebound panel that takes your passing and ball control practice to new heights. Designed with innovation in mind, this versatile 4-in-1 training tool allows you to vary drills and simulate real game situations, helping players of all levels enhance their skills and adaptability.

Key Features:


Enhanced 4-in-1 Design: The REPLAY Station boasts a cutting-edge 4-in-1 design that caters to your passing and ball control needs. With adjustable angles and variable surfaces, you can customize your training sessions to focus on ground passes, lofted passes, or even unpredictable rebound scenarios. This dynamic design ensures a well-rounded practice routine.


Unparalleled Versatility: The REPLAY Station's innovative multi-angle feature enables you to fine-tune the trajectory of the ball effortlessly. By effortlessly adjusting the rebound angle, you can shift between a flat surface that returns passes along the ground to an angled surface that challenges your aerial control. It's the ultimate tool for honing your techniques, touch, and precision.


Adaptive Training Experience: Prepare yourself for the unexpected with the REPLAY Station's random rebound capability. Flip the legs, and the textured surface will provide unpredictable returns, pushing your awareness, reaction time, and technical skills to the limit. This realistic simulation of match scenarios enhances players' cognitive abilities and encourages quick thinking on the field.


Durable Stability: Engineered with a robust weighted steel frame, the REPLAY Station ensures unwavering stability during intense training sessions. For added security, the included sandbag (sand not included) anchors the panel, making it suitable for various surfaces, including uneven terrains or smooth Astroturf pitches.


Uncompromising Quality: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the REPLAY Station guarantees long-lasting performance. From the high-quality materials to the superior craftsmanship, this training tool is built to withstand the rigors of relentless training, ensuring it remains a reliable companion throughout your football journey.


Expanded Size Options: Choose the perfect fit for your training needs with the REPLAY Station's two panel sizes. The Original size measures 95cm x 24cm, providing a compact yet effective training surface.

Elevate your passing and ball control skills to unparalleled levels with the REPLAY Station. Whether you're an aspiring midfielder, forward, defender, or goalkeeper, this indispensable training tool replicates real-match scenarios and challenges your technique, empowering you to perform at your best when it matters most.

Assembled Size:

95cm (width) x 24cm (height) x 15cm (depth)

What's Included:

  • REPLAY Station Football Panel
  • Weighted Steel Legs (2)
  • Sandbag (sand not included)

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REPLAY Station Football Rebound Board

brahima TRAORE

REPLAY Station Football Rebound Board

Anastasiia PYSARENKO
REPLAY Station Football Rebound Board still not delivered

Hello! REPLAY Station Football Rebound Board still not delivered

Giovanni Enzo KIM
Shooting is perfect

with 2 replay, pass training shooting is perfect. The product is easy to use and the quality is good.

Graham McCartney

Solid piece of kit, remaind in situ for duration of training, providing great delivery. Set up was easy.